Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Black in America, We Can Do Better

“To be a poor man is hard, but to be a poor race in a land of dollars is the very bottom of hardship”. 

To blame without a solution is worthless so with the Black Community we have to hold ourselves accountable for the conditions we are in today. I know the system hinders our development as a race but we’re still presented with an opportunity to do better so we must rise above the obstacles in front of us. The number one problem with the community today is the lack of a family structure that we once had in the past. Most of our people in poverty today lack the two parent household that most of our Whites and Hispanics counterparts have. The structure in the house is vital to the development of the children and balances the household. It takes a village to raise a child so we need structure and to put our kids around great people to give them the energy to succeed. When one person is stuck playing superwomen or superman the load will most likely get too large to bear on our own. It’s not humanly possible to play all those roles and be efficient in all of them. 

I praise our sisters who are doing it on their own but just remember everyone needs a shoulder to lean on so always keep a good team around your kids. The biggest problem that’s leading our community to one parent household besides the usual break up is our black men going to prison at a record rate. Blacks only make up about 14% of the population as a whole and we make up over 50% of the prison population. Now this is a tricky situation, why are black males more submissive to committing crimes? I think that’s where the system plays a huge part and the lack of structure in our black households. The system portrays us as no good criminals by just simply looking at our music and the record selling movies geared to African Americans. 

We need to be careful what our kids are listening to and or watching due to that fact. Hip hop is not going to change their lyrics because there is no money and or enough freedom in their art to be more socially conscious. So we need to be more conscious of what their listening to and not allowing our children to play the part the systems gears for black folks. For example while overseas I ran into an Italian male and he told me the girls love black men in Italy. I asked why is that the case and he said because all the girls think you guys are like 50 Cent (they watch too much MTV). Just look at the music videos folks and black women wonder why they’re losing respect. Look at how the videos portray women like their tools and just eye candy shaking their bodies everywhere. We can’t allow our women to continually get disgraced like that and it creates the ego in the male to use women in that role. At the end of the day I think people lost the sense of what our ancestors struggled with in the past to get us a better future. Their struggles should not be taken for granted. Since Civil Rights was passed in 1964 we as a race have not been united to bring about a change in ourselves. Economically we’re still dead last in this country as well as education.  

“A racial wealth gap affects all of us because it means that a large portion of the population cannot contribute to building the wealth and strength of our nation, and that is a drain on us all," said Meizhu Lui, director of the Insight Center for Community Economic Development's "Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative.

 I think most African Americans forgot what the Civil Rights fight was all about. The struggle was not just about interrogation but also voting, jobs, education, justice, and housing. In all phases Blacks are clearly last compared to their counterparts Hispanics and Whites. If we want real change we have to continually study our past history and understand the system.-Leonel Joseph 

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