Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Can You Handle That by Mike Reid

In a world 
where almost every woman,
feels like she has to be just a little bit prettier, 
a little bit skinner, 
a little bit stronger, 
a little more perfect,
a little less real.
She needs a man.
A man with arms like water.
Soft enough to wash away her insecurities.
But strong enough to carry her burdens.
With hands like German shepherds.
Big enough to bury her face in when she can't keep it together.
But loyal enough to never turn against her.
His lips are like cotton.
Soft enough to kiss her most fragile of body parts.
But strong enough to speak confidence into her soul. 
It is with this man,
That she will be her unapologetic self.
Where 3 extra pounds are just an opportunity to love you 3 times as much,
Where 3 bumps on your face are only proof that God still is still working on his masterpiece he calls you beauty. 
Where stretch marks are tiger stripes to scare away any man that can't handle a woman who's still growing.
Where her tears aren't reason for you to run. 
But a confirmation that she feels comfortable enough around you to let her guard down.....
Can you handle that? - Mike Reid

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