Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Great Wall Of Expectations In Relationships

Last night, I was having an conversation with this woman about exceptions in an relationship. She been hurt emotionally and mentally pretty bad in the past years in relationships. Now that she is getting older and have an child, her expectations has been set high. Like many women in society today, having these high and unrealistic expectations can really set you up for failure.

Examples of unrealistic expectations can come from:

  • Past relationships

  • Past experiences

  • Expecting the other person to provide our personal happiness or fulfillment.

  • Projecting onto someone else how we want them to be.

  • lack of communication and miscommunication.

When women enter relationships with these high expectations which the man does not met those expectations which causes the domino effect and the end of the relationship.

Women expect men to breakdown these high walls that is protecting their hearts which in some cases its impossible to break that wall down that you created. All that is doing is setting the woman up for failure and go back to the fuckery.

Learn from your mistakes and set realistic goals when its come to an relationship. Learn to become an BETTER YOU before attempting to get back in an relationship.

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