Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What I Found Out About Relationships!

This realization can happen if your woman is in total acceptance of the ‘real you’ and respects you for it. If your woman does not respect you for what you really are as a person, then she is doubting your capability or decision-making power. A healthy relationship is characterized by respect. The following instances may help you realize if your woman really respects you or not. 

Respect is all about listening to each other, valuing their opinion and listening in an unbiased or non-judgmental manner. If your woman is the kind who does most of the talking without waiting to hear your opinion or views, it shows that she doesn’t care for or regard your opinion in taking a decision. 

If your woman is unsure or there is always a lingering sense of bias in her whenever you take a decision or voice your opinion, it's her way of communicating that she has little regard for your thoughts or emotions. 

If your woman does not respect you, then there is no scope for sharing or trusting each other. Supporting each other’s goals in life and respecting your feelings and views is necessary. Demeaning or speaking in a derogatory manner about your activities or interests, is a warning that your woman has no respect for you. Being cordial with your friends and respecting you for choosing the right kind of people to socialize with, forms a part of valuing and respecting you as an individual. 

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